The Studio

Located at 1653 Merriman, Ste. 300, Akron, Ohio, OH 44313

At the Barre-Zen studio in Akron, Ohio we practice three modalities chosen for their interwoven benefits: barre, yoga, and pilates. 

BARRE uses classic ballet poses to develop full body flexibility, coordination and strength during a low-impact routine. You will use holds, tucks and tiny pulsing movements to target all muscle groups sculpting every muscle. The stretching at the beginning, during and end,  helps to release and lengthen encouraging the muscle fibers to relax. Barre also helps with body awareness using breathing techniques and poses that are demonstrated throughout.

YOGA is an ancient practice that uses breath and postures to align mind, body and soul. You will be guided through step-by step verbal descriptions and demonstrations of postures sure to leave you feeling physically and mentally energized no matter your level. Yoga focuses on alignment while building strength, flexibility, balance and core strength.

PILATES this is done on the floor with a yoga mat and uses breathing and weight resisting postures to build core strength.  It involves using Pilates movements, yoga blocks, flex bands and small balls to improve flexibility, muscle tone and mind-body awareness.

Our studio offers two practice rooms that are designed to help soothe and calm your spirit while you focus your body and mind. We invite you to visit us with a complimentary first class. View our class schedule here.

We look forward to meeting you!